Garrett M. Carlson

Since before Drake graduated from Degrassi, Garrett M. Carlson has been attempting to pen the next great American novel - this is not it. Garrett resides in suburban Virginia where he spends his days educating the leaders of tomorrow and contemplating comedic timing. Garrett also enjoys long walks on Beaver Island State Park Beach, collecting refrigerator magnets, and recreating scenes from the Fast and Furious franchise. A regular at open-mic nights and writers’ workshops, Garrett is constantly learning, improving, and gaining an understanding about the craft of writing. He hopes to someday travel around the world and be paid just to talk to people about what he has written.

The goal for this website is to keep you, the audience, entertained and involved.  Whether it is through short pieces or blog entries, we want you to feel engaged and inspired.

If you want more information about any of these essays, when and where Garrett will be reading next, or want to share your own narratives, please don’t hesitate to use the contact button to your left.